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Navigate your postpartum period with confidence, with our range of new mum essentials.

Fall in love with our Mothers Boost Protein Powder, formulated to promote recovery after birth, alleviate stress, boost energy all while supporting your postpartum nutrition. 

Feel the soothing and calming sensation of perineum strips, reducing pain & inflammation after birth. Empower your postpartum period with our extensive postpartum nutrition guides including nourishing postpartum recipes, postpartum checklists, recovery tips & more. We've got your fourth trimester covered. 

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Did you know you require a minimum of 500 extra calories daily to keep up with your body's energy needs while breastfeeding!

But it's not just about calories; your body needs nutrients like iodine, vitamin A and iron while breastfeeding. Why? Because what you eat directly impacts the composition of your breastmilk and it makes sure you are energised and not being depleted.

Our Complete Breastfeeding Nutrition eGuide will teach you everything about your diet while breastfeeding, essential nutrients, coffee & alcohol, eliminating foods, breastfeeding supplements & so much more!