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eGuide: The Complete Breastfeeding Nutrition Guide

eGuide: The Complete Breastfeeding Nutrition Guide

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Breastfeeding places a huge demand on the body, requiring up to an extra 500 plus calories daily. Your nutrition and what you eat is incredibly important while breastfeeding. An optimal diet will not only ensure you are replenishing your body and supporting your vitality, it will also help support your milk supply.

Our Clinical Nutritionist Meg (BHSc NutDMed, MHumNut, Thesis Cand) has written "The Complete Breastfeeding Nutrition Guide" to help you understand the importance of nutrition while breastfeeding and the best ways to optimise your diet.

This guide covers:

• Recommended dietary intakes
• Essential nutrients for breastfeeding and what foods contain them
• The importance of hydration & sources to include
• Everything you need to know about caffeine & breastfeeding
• Everything you need to know about alcohol & breastfeeding
• Everything you need to know about galactagogues
• Allergies & Intolerances while breastfeeding
• Insight into cows milk protein allergy & egg allergy
• Myth busting common food myths while breastfeeding
• 15 easy to implement nutrition tips while breastfeeding
• One handed snack ideas
• Five nutritious & delicious smoothie combos
• Day on a plate sample menu with 12 different options!
• Quick, easy & nutritious breastfeeding recipes

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A little helping hand.

Our eGuides are created for mamas who want to learn a little more about how to optimise your nutrition for the various stages of motherhood.

Believe us, a little helping hand and extra know-how goes a long way as a budding or new mama!

Let's hear it for our super mamas.