Nourishing formulas to support you in motherhood.

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Every mama's secret weapon.

Here at Maternal essentials we create nourishing formulas to boost wellbeing, vitality and overall nutrition of the mother. Prioritising your nutrition in motherhood is fundamental to support your energy, mood, milk supply (if breastfeeding), hormone health, thyroid health and just general mental wellbeing!

Benefits, backed by science.

Each formula contains carefully selected nutrients and a herbal blend thats backed on evidence based nutrition information to provide optimal nourishment to the mother. They are gluten and dairy free and are minimally sweetened with all natural monk fruit.

☉ Formulated by a clinical nutritionist
☉ Carefully selected herbs & nutrients
☉ Ensuring optimal nutrition

Education is everything.

Speak with a Clinical Nutritionist.

The Maternal Essentials range has been developed by our founder, Clinical Nutritionist and mum of two, Meagan, with the nutrient demands of motherhood in mind. They each offer their own distinct benefits and are suitable for almost any mum! We aim to provide you with the utmost nourishing formulas to support your motherhood journey, with love.

So, not 100% sure if the Maternal Essentials range is right for you? That’s okay! Nutrition is number one for mamas, so let’s have a chat about optimising your health (for you and for bub)!

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