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Lactation Boost: The Best Breastfeeding Protein Powder

Lactation Boost is a 100% breastfeeding friendly protein powder, that is super tasty & packed with essential nutrients that breastfeeding mums need in their diet. Packed with collagen protein, 12 vitamins & minerals, MCT oil, 1450mg of sunflower lecithin, lactation superfoods like gluten-free brewers yeast and the ultimate milk boosting blend of galactagogues including fenugreek, blessed thistle, fennel & nettle.


Mothers Boost: The Best Postpartum Protein Powder

Mothers Boost is a postpartum protein powder, formulated to boost your energy, wellbeing & diet as a mum. Packed with collagen, 12 vitamins & minerals, MCT oil and a mothers blend including herbs like ashwagandha, siberian ginseng, lemon balm & maca. We believe postpartum isn't just the first 6 weeks, it's forever! Mothers Boost is the essential & delicious postpartum supplement to support your wellbeing in the wild ride of motherhood.

  • Made for Mums

    Formulated for the nutrition needs of busy mums. Just add our protein to a shaker, with your choice of milk. Voila- a quick, healthy & yummy protein shake.

  • Full of Nutrients

    Feel nourished & energised with every serve. Each blend features vitamins, minerals, superfoods & naturopathic herbs, backed by evidence based research.

  • Protein Packed

    Our blend of collagen and hemp protein promotes energy, mood & may support postpartum weight loss. It's tasty, easy to digest & blends perfectly, no grit!

  • Expertly Crafted

    Aussie mums love & trust our range of protein powders, that are developed and perfected by a Clinical Nutritionist & Maternal Health Researcher.

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  • Holistic Nutrition Guides for Mums

    Our expert guides offer holistic maternal nutrition support, postpartum meal plans, diet checklists for mums, allergy-friendly meals for breastfeeding, game changing tips for the fourth trimester, research insights and so much more!

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  • Health & Wellness Directory for Mums

    Connect with trusted maternal & women's health practitioners. From lactation consultants, perinatal psychologists to naturopaths and women's health physios. We've got the contacts for when you need a little helping hand in motherhood.

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  • 1:1 Nutrition Support for Mums

    Get customised holistic nutrition support from our Clinical Nutritionist, Meg (BHSc NutDMed, MHumNut, PhD Cand.) Meg loves supporting mums with practical nutrition & lifestyle advice. Book your free 15min discovery call to see how Meg can support you in motherhood.

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