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eGuide: Navigating Postnatal Depression with Nutrition

eGuide: Navigating Postnatal Depression with Nutrition

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Our Clinical Nutritionist Meg (BHSc NutDMed, MHumNut, Thesis Cand) has written this guide "Navigating Postnatal Depression with Nutrition" to help you understand the important role nutrition plays in postnatal depression. Meg is currently writing her thesis in Postnatal Depression and is incredibly passionate about PND awareness and ensuring mums are able to access the right supports. In her private practice she works closely alongside psychologists to provide holistic nutrition guidance to improve the mental health of mums. This is guide is a must have for any mum wanting to improve their mental health and learn how they can tailor their diet to support this.

This guide covers:

• Understanding postnatal depression (what it is, screening, current treatments)
• Signs & symptoms of postnatal depression
• The difference between Postnatal Depression and the baby blues
• The difference between Postnatal Depression and "postnatal depletion"
• Nutrient deficiencies and their role in postnatal depression (Includes research insights & table of optimal pathology levels)
• Postnatal pathology testing (why you need & list of every essential test)
• Role of your diet in postnatal depression including food patterns that worsen symptoms & food patterns that reduce symptoms
• 5 in-depth nutrition goals to help guide your eating for mental wellbeing (includes what foods to include, how to include them, recipes and helpful tricks)
• Full list of support services for postnatal depression

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