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  • Preconception Care

    During this 1:1 session you will learn about optimal nutrition for the preconception period and how best to prepare your body for pregnancy. This includes finding the right prenatal vitamins for you, tailoring your diet and lifestyle, analysing your pathology results, assessing your partners health & diet and working on supporting any underlying conditions that may impact fertility such as thyroid health, pcos, endometriosis, insulin resistance or chronic stress.

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  • Pregnancy Nutrition

    If you are wanting support for either your 1st, 2nd or 3rd trimester, this is the 1:1 consult for you! You will learn about optimal nutrition to support your pregnancy. This includes ensuring you are taking the right prenatal vitamins, addressing any nutrient deficiencies, education about food safety in pregnancy and individually tailored advice to support you and your growing baby.

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  • Postpartum Planning

    An in depth & holistic Clinical Nutrition consultation exploring how to best prepare for your postpartum period. This includes indepth education on what to expect and how to prepare for the postpartum period, how to optimise your nutrition during this time, recovery from birth, how to correct nutrient deficiencies and navigating hormone and mood changes during postpartum.

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  • Motherhood Nutrition

    An in-depth & holistic appointment designed to support and educate you on nutrition for motherhood. If you are struggling with anything from postnatal depletion, thyroid concerns and irregular periods to poor gut health, low immunity or chronic stress and burnout- this is consult for you! You will learn and be provided with individually tailored dietary, supplement and lifestyle advice to help you navigate motherhood and put your own health and wellness first!

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  • Breastfeeding Nutrition

    A 1 hour, in depth & holistic Clinical Nutrition appointment exploring your health & wellness throughout breastfeeding. This consult is perfect for any mama wanting to prepare for breastfeeding, support their milk supply, navigate intolerances in baby, recurrent mastitis, replenish nutrient stores, nutrition for tandem feeding and navigating breastfeeding and returning to work.

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  • Infant & Children's Nutrition

    An empowering and educational consultation to help you feel prepared in supporting your child's nutrition. If you are wanting to know more about the right way to start solids (when, how & allergen introduction), combating picky & fussy eating, supporting behavioural conditions, improving immunity and supporting your child's gut health- then this is the perfect consultation for you!

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  • Pathology Review

    Has your doctor told you all your bloods are "normal" and that you are "fine" but you still feel utterly exhausted? In this consult you will be given an in-depth review of your bloods and script for practitioner grade supplements to correct any deficiencies

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Meet your Clinical Nutritionist.

Meagan is a Masters qualified nutritionist specialising in antenatal & postnatal nutrition & the founder of Maternal Essentials. She is also currently undertaking her thesis focusing on postpartum depression in mothers.

Meagan is passionate about supporting mothers thrive during motherhood. She creates achievable, maintainable and nourishing treatment plans, individually tailored to the mother. Meagan will be offering 1:1 clinical nutrition consultations to support your health and wellness during motherhood. 

Qualifications: BHsc (Nutritional & Dietetic Medicine) MHumNut (Masters of Human Nutrition)

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