About Us

We've formulated the ultimate protein powder for aussie mums.

At Maternal Essentials we strongly believe that prioritising your nutrition as a mum is essential.

Created alongside a Clinical Nutritionist & Maternal Health Researcher, our protein powders contain vitamins, minerals, superfoods and naturopathic herbs backed by evidence based research to ensure optimal nourishment for mums.

Trusted & Loved by Australian mums

The Maternal Essentials Difference

Made by Mums, For Mums

We are mums here at Maternal Essentials HQ! We believe that nutrition & diet plays an important role in our energy, health and vitality as a mum. We decided, to create a tasty, convenient and nutritious protein powder- that actually supports YOU! Formulated with the dietary needs of breastfeeding & postpartum mums in mind, our proteins will boost energy, promote wellbeing, support milk supply and optimise nutrition.

Safe & Suitable for Breastfeeding

Our protein powders are 100% breastfeeding friendly, including the ultimate blend of vitamins, minerals, superfoods and herbs. Each ingredient has been selected by a clinical nutritionist & maternal health researcher from safety data, scientific research & clinical expertise.

Backed by Science

Our breastfeeding and postpartum protein powders consist of ingredients supported by research and thoughtfully curated by our clinical nutritionist. You can trust that you are getting optimal nourishment from Lactation Boost & Mothers Boost.

Free from Nasties

Optimise your diet and wellbeing as a new mum, by adding our allergen friendly protein powders. They are gluten free, with each batch undergoing analysis to ensure they contain no gluten. Lactation Boost & Mothers Boost also contain no added dairy or soy. Plus, our formulas contain no artificial additives including flavours, colours & sweeteners.

Proudly family operated in Australia

We are a small family operated business, located in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. Our prices may be a little higher, but our products are packed with top-notch ingredients. Our premium vitamin & mineral blend, collagen protein, Non-GMO lecithin & naturopathic herbs have been selected to give you that boost during motherhood. By choosing Maternal Essentials, you are not only supporting your nutrition & vitality, but also our small business.

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