Welcome mamas!

Here at Maternal Essentials we have formulated nutritious & delicious protein powders to boost your nutrition throughout motherhood.

Our products have been formulated by a clinical nutritionist, maternal health researcher and mum of 2. Each formula contains carefully selected ingredients, giving you the nourishment and energy boost you deserve.

We strongly believe that prioritising your nutrition as a mum is fundamental to support your energy, mood, milk supply (if breastfeeding), hormone health, thyroid health and just general wellbeing! To give you a little helping hand in navigating the world of nutrition and wellness, we have a range of e-guides and free resources designed to empower you.

If you're seeking a little more support, please explore our 1:1 Consultation Page or the Womens Health Directory.

The Maternal Essentials range is proudly family owned and made in sunny Queensland.