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Oats & Peaches Bamboo Nursing Pads (1x pair- Australian Native)

Oats & Peaches Bamboo Nursing Pads (1x pair- Australian Native)

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Beautifully handmade by a local, breastfeeding Brisbane mum.

Each pair is comprised of a double layer of incredibly soft bamboo terry towelling, an absorbent layer of flannel, a waterproof layer to ensure no leakage and a beautifully patterned cotton outer layer.

This particular bamboo fabric is eco-friendly and ethically sourced from an Australian company. It is biodegradable, antibacterial, breathable, absorbent and deodorising. They are perfect for soaking up moderate amounts of letdown while breastfeeding, as well as acting as a soft barrier against your skin.

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For the breastfeeding mamas.

A new mum nourishing her little one is a whole other world of love. It's a beautiful, natural consolidation of the bond between mama and bub, but it's not without its challenged. From swollen breasts to latching hiccups, it can be a tricky thing to master on your own. Breastfeeding mamas deserve to be armed with the best support, treats, and nutrition. That's what we're here for!

Let's hear it for our super mamas.

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