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Maternal Essentials Boobie Gels (2 pack)

Maternal Essentials Boobie Gels (2 pack)

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A lifesaver for breastfeeding or pumping mums!

• Supports Milk Flow
• Reduces Blocked Ducts
• Reduces engorgement
• Relieve inflammation
• Reduce pain associated with Mastitis
• Fits in Nursing Bra and around most Breast Pumps
• Can be used Hot or Cold

To use, these can be heated either by the microwave or in hot water OR for cold therapy you can pop these in the freezer! There are 2 in a box.

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For the breastfeeding mamas.

A new mum nourishing her little one is a whole other world of love. It's a beautiful, natural consolidation of the bond between mama and bub, but it's not without its challenged. From swollen breasts to latching hiccups, it can be a tricky thing to master on your own. Breastfeeding mamas deserve to be armed with the best support, treats, and nutrition. That's what we're here for!

Let's hear it for our super mamas.

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