The Importance of Calcium while Breastfeeding

The Importance of Calcium while Breastfeeding

Calcium is an essential nutrient for bone health and skeletal development in your baby.

It helps to form the skeleton, promote strength and stability and reduce risk of fractures. The current recommended dietary intake for the breastfeeding mama is 1,000-1,300mg per day.

When you are breastfeeding, large amounts of calcium get transferred from you to your baby to support their bone development. If you do not have a diet rich in calcium, your body will draw calcium from your bones increasing your later risk for osteoporosis and fractures.

Make sure to be including a source of calcium with every meal to ensure optimal intake!

Here are some great calcium sources & their amount of calcium per serve:

1 cup milk- 300mg

1 slice of hard cheese- 200mg

1 serve Maternal Essentials Lactation Boost- 210mg

1 tbsp sesame seeds- 88mg

20g tahini paste- 64mg

½ cup tinned salmon with bones in- 220mg

5 whole sardines (fresh or tinned)- 286mg

1 cup steamed broccoli- 62mg

2 cups raw kale- 188mg

3 large dried figs- 108mg

½ cup chickpeas- 70mg

1 cup cooked soy beans- 175mg

1 tbsp blackstrap molasses- 172mg

If you would like further support for your nutrition while breastfeeding, you can book in for a private 1:1 consult with our Clinical Nutritionist & Founder Meagan by clicking HERE

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