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Lactation Boost- Maternal Essentials 360g

Lactation Boost- Maternal Essentials 360g

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A nutrient rich protein blend to support milk supply and boost energy, concentration and overall vitality of breastfeeding mums. Each serves provide 14g of protein (hemp & collagen), 210mg calcium, 60% of the RDI for magnesium, 50% of the RDI for iodine & vitamin D plus a blend of iron, zinc, folate and B vitamins.

Lactation Boost is also enriched with galactagogues like fenugreek, blessed thistle, fennel, brewers yeast and nettle to support milk supply. Plus- we've added in sunflower lecithin to reduce clogged ducts.


Lactation Boost will provide you with:
☉ 13.6g of protein from hemp and collagen
☉ 192mg of magnesium
☉ 20% of your RDI for iron
☉ 1450mg non- GMO sunflower lecithin
☉ 210mg of calcium
☉ A great source of vitamin D
☉ A great source of B vitamins
☉ A blend of herbs specifically formulated to boost and enrich your milk supply
☉ Gluten free & no added dairy


WILD BERRY: Protein (Bovine Collagen, Hemp), Berries (Strawberry, Raspberry, Red Goji, Acai, Black Goji Extract), Natural Flavours, Mother’s Blend (Inactivated Brewer’s Yeast, Fenugreek, Blessed Thistle, Fennel, Nettle Leaf), Sunflower Lecithin, Minerals (Calcium Citrate, Magnesium Gluconate, Magnesium Oxide, Zinc), MCT Oil, Banana, Beetroot, Apple Pectin, Kelp, Vitamins (B3, D, B6, B2, B1, B12)

CHOCOLATE: Protein (Bovine Collagen, Hemp), Cocoa, Natural Flavours, Mother’s Blend (Inactivated Brewer’s Yeast, Fenugreek, Blessed Thistle, Fennel, Nettle Leaf), Minerals (Calcium Citrate, Magnesium Gluconate, Magnesium Oxide, Zinc), Cacao, Sunflower Lecithin, MCT Oil, Beetroot, Apple Pectin, Acai, Sweetener (Monk fruit extract), Black GOji Extract, Kelp,Vitamins (B3, D, B6, B2, B1, B12)

How To Use

Mix 3 tbsp into 200ml milk of your choice. We love the no added sugar coconut milk.

TO BOOST MILK: Use 3 tbsp everyday to support and maintain milk supply. Make sure to always work alongside a lactation consultant if you feel you need extra support with latching, sore nipples, breast massage or pumping support.

FOR COLOSTRUM SUPPORT: You can begin to take Lactation Boost from week 36 onwards while you begin to antenatally express colostrum. You'll only need about 1-2 tbsp if expressing colostrum. Always check with your midwife prior to beginning colostrum expressing & using lactation boost during the final stages of your pregnancy

FOR GENERAL WELLBEING: Use as needed! It's a great option to use after workouts, boost up your breakfast, have as an easy & balanced meal on the go. The options are endless!

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Your breastfeeding bestie.

Breastfeeding places a HUGE demand on the body. Your nutrition and what you eat is incredibly important. Ensuring you are replenishing your body is essential to supporting your overall wellbeing and vitality, but will also directly influence your milk supply for your little one.

Lactation Boost is specially formulated by a nutritionist to reach these nutrient demands, boost energy and support your milk supply.

  • Mother's Milk Blend

    Featuring fenugreek, blessed thistle, fennel, nettle and brewers yeast to support your milk supply.

  • 13.6g Protein

    Contains a blend of bovine collagen & hemp protein creating a well balanced source of protein to support the energy, recovery, mood & milk supply of the breastfeeding mother.

  • Sunflower Lecithin

    Helps to keep milk flowing smoothly preventing clogged ducts. Sunflower lecithin is also a natural source of choline to support energy and cognition.

  • B Vitamins & Iron

    Features a blend of B vitamins & iron to support the energy, vitality and cognition of the breastfeeding mother.

  • Calcium, Magnesium & Vitamin D

    Providing 210mg of calcium plus the synergistic nutrients magnesium and vitamin D to support the breastfeeding mothers bone health.

  • MCT Oil & Iodine

    Rich in healthy fats from MCT oil and iodine from kelp which works to boost energy, mental clarity and improve concentration. Say bye bye to mum brain!

  • Made In Australia

    Maternal Essentials is a small family run business located on the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. Mothers Boost is proudly formulated and packaged right here in sunny Queensland.

  • Chocolate & Wild Berry Flavours

    We've created the most delicious milk boosting supplement with chocolate and wild berry flavours.

  • Gluten Free & No Added Dairy

    Mothers Boost is gluten free and contains no added dairy so you can enjoy in confidence.

The science behind each ingredient.

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Mothers Milk Blend

Our mothers milk blend contains a blend of fenugreek, blessed thistle, fennel, nettle & brewers to promote and maintain milk supply. 

Fenugreek contains a compound called diosgenin which may act as a precursor to the hormone prolactin necessary to promote milk supply. One study reported a significant increase in milk volume after consumption of fenugreek while breastfeeding is being established. Interestingly, researchers have found in animal models that fenugreek can increase the “let down reflex” by activating a flow of oxytocin, another key hormone involved in breastfeeding- however there are no current studies investigating this in breastfeeding mums.

Blessed Thistle is proposed to stimulate blood flow to the breast tissue, in turn promoting lactation. Increases in milk volume and prolactin levels have been noted after consumption of fennelInterestingly, when fennel is consumed by the mother this seems to help soothe symptoms of colic in babies due to its long history as a digestive aid. Nettle is an extremely nutritive herb contains substantial amounts of iron, vitamin C, calcium and magnesium, which promotes the mothers milk supply. Brewers yeast has a large body of anecdotal evidence suggesting the milk boosting powers of brewer’s yeast. Nutritionally, brewer’s yeast is rich in B-vitamins, beta-glucans, mannan oligosaccharides and chromium which can work to increase breast milk production by improving the overall nutrition status of the mother.  


Optimising your protein intake while breastfeeding is required to support your own muscle mass but also to ensure adequate amounts are transferred to baby. Studies have shown that maternal intake of protein can influence the protein concentration in breastmilk, which can support your little ones growth and development. Protein also helps support neurotransmitter production, stabilise blood sugar and ensure optimal immune function in the postpartum period. The recommended dietary intake of protein while breastfeeding is 67g and can be found in foods like lean meats, seafood, eggs, nuts, seeds, legumes and lactation boost. 

Sunflower Lecithin

Is a common treatment to support breastfeeding mums with clogged ducts. Sunflower lecithin is a mixture of fatty acids, like choline- which are normal components of breastmilk and works to emulsify “sticky” milk, ensuring your milk can flow freely. The choline present in sunflower lecithin also supports cognitive function in both mum and baby and is needed to support overall brain health. The recommended dietary intake of choline while breastfeeding is 500mg daily and is found in foods like eggs, liver, peanuts, mushrooms and of course lactation boost which contains 1450mg of sunflower lecithin and 25mg of choline.

B Vitamins & Iron 

B vitamins are essential nutrients needed to support everything from your energy &  concentration to neurotransmitter synthesis. Vitamin B1 & B6 are essential co-factors in your methylation cycle and in the production of neurotransmitters like serotonin (your happy hormone) and gamma-aminobutyric acid (helps to calm the nervous system). While B12 helps support iron absorption and utilisation in the body. Iron is a mineral needed to support energy, reduce fatigue and also promotes maternal mental health, with a meta-analysis finding that anaemia during pregnancy & postpartum may increase risk of developing postpartum mood disorders.

Calcium, Magnesium & Vitamin D 

Calcium, alongside magnesium and vitamin D is required to strengthen and maintain your bone health. Low intake of calcium and synergistic nutrients can increase risk of fractures and lower bone density later in life, particularly after menopause. During breastfeeding, you can lose around 200-250mg of calcium daily in your milk as it transfers to your little one promoting their skeletal development.  It is essential you prioritise calcium in your diet as this supports an improved calcium balance and may minimise bone loss if your intake is less 500mg daily. The recommended dietary intake of calcium while breastfeeding is 1,000mg daily  and can be found in foods like milk, cheese, yoghurt, soy products, spinach, almonds, quinoa and lactation boost- providing 210mg of calcium!


Optimal concentration of iodine in breastmilk is essential to support your little ones thyroid, neurological development and motor function. It is important to prioritise iodine while breastfeeding to ensure adequate intake and transfer through breastmilk as this is your babies main source of iodine until solids are introduced around 6 months. Iodine also helps to support your own thyroid health- which ultimately impacts things like your metabolism, hair growth (postpartum hair loss anyone?) cognition and immune function. The recommended dietary intake of iodine while breastfeeding is 270 µg and is found in foods like salmon, eggs, dairy, seaweed, iodised salt and lactation boost- providing 75 µg of iodine

Let's hear it for the super mamas.

Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
Good but expensive

Love the product and use it when we have a busy day, id use it more often if it wasn’t so pricey. I didn’t see any increase in supply, but it does keep me satiated for longer. But I’ll think I’ll go back to regular protein powder, as I get the same outcome for a fraction of the price.

Jackie G
Boost boost boost

I ran out of the lactation boost so bought more and was pumping between 80-100ml per pump while I was waiting for it to arrive in the post. After using the lactation boost yesterday my second pump of the day today was more than 170ml in a SINGLE PUMP. I can't believe it. Can't wait to try the mother's boost. Highly recommend!!!


Love this stuff! Thought I’d give the new chocolate flavour a go after getting amazing results with the original berry flavour. Super yummy only reason I’m giving 4 stars is because I personally preferred the berry.

Debra Pereira
Love love love it!

5 weeks postpartum and this has really given me a kick in my step. It's so full of great nutrients to help keep me going and has the added bonus of being super delicious!


I can't say that I really noticed much of a difference in my milk supply but I absolutely loved having this in smoothies and smoothie bowls - so yummy! I just wish there was more servings in the tub and it wasn't so expensive. :(

Supporting your breastfeeding journey

☉ The more breastfeeds you do (or pumping sessions) the more milk you will make. Your milk production is regulated by supply and demand!

Breastfeeding can be uncomfortable at first, but we promise it will get better! If you are finding pain is occurring while breastfeeding, reach out to a lactation consultant for support

☉ Eight to twelve feeds a day is very normal for newborns! If they are showing signs of hunger like opening their mouth, turning their head, sucking hands or crying- offer them the boob

☉ Your milk will typically "come in" between 2-5 days after birth. However this will depend on a range of factors, if you are concerned always reach out to a lactation consultant so they can help support your breast feeding journey

☉ Focus on lots of skin to skin in the early weeks. This helps to regulate and establish your milk supply alongside frequent feeds

☉ Make sure you are eating enough and prioritising balanced meals. Food fuels your body, will support your energy and postpartum recovery plus- ensure you are getting the extra calories to support breastfeeding

Optimising nutrition for breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding increases your need for:

Finding time to nourish and fuel your body can be difficult. In between feeds, running errands, trying to shower, settling a crying baby- it can seem like there is never any time to eat. Well.. that's where Lactation Boost comes in! Lactation Boost is packed with essential nutrients to boost your vitality while breastfeeding.

It's as easy as mixing Lactation Boost in a shaker with your choice of milk. Voila!

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