Pathology Review

Details of this consult:

This is a 30 min, in depth review of your most recent blood tests. If you are feeling utterly exhausted, run down, overwhelmed and your GP can't seem to give you any solid answers as to "why", then having a holistic practitioner, like Meg analyse your bloods will help you understand why you continue to feel like this. Meg is highly experienced in maternal nutrition and understands what optimal ranges are needed to support your vitality.

Please make sure to have a copy of your blood test results prior to booking this consultation. You can go to the GP and ask them to run your blood tests for you. This includes:

• Thyroid Pannel (TSH, T3, T4, antibodies)
• Iron Studies
• Vitamin D
• Serum Zinc
• Active B12
• Folate
• Hormone Panel (Progesterone, Oestradiol, FSH, LH) *This is best measured on day 21 of your cycle and required for preconception nutrition & motherhood nutrition consultations, providing you have your period back

If you GP isn't wanting to order all of the tests above, you can let them know you are happy to pay for this privately instead of through medicare. This means, your GP can still order the tests for you, however you will be sent an invoice for certain tests (typically vitamin D & thyroid panel)

Consult inclusions:

• 30 min zoom call analysing and interpreting your blood results
• Script for practitioner grade supplements if required
• Referral for functional pathology testing (if required)

If you are wanting a pathology review alongside holistic dietary interpretation & advice, a full medical history review and an individual treatment plan then please book in for an Initial Consult.