Top 5 Breastfeeding SUPERFOODS

Top 5 Breastfeeding SUPERFOODS

Top 5 BF superfoods

 The word superfoods gets thrown a lot these days- and with good reason! Superfoods, yes, are still foods but with WAY more nutrients to support the individual. Take the breastfeeding mama for example, she requires a whole heap of extra nutrients to help support and nourish both her and her baby. These are our 5 favourite SUPERFOODS that every breastfeeding mama should be including in her diet regularly to nourish her and baby. 

Brewers yeast: This is a galactagogue, which works to promote milk supply. Brewers yeast is also full of B vitamins to support your energy, particularly if you have had a busy night full of feeding. Add 1-2tbsp of brewers yeast into smoothies, porridge or even enrich your soups, stews or sauces with it. 


Hemp seeds: These are packed full of essential fatty acids, iron and protein which support both you and baby. Hemp seeds can be added into smoothies, sprinkled onto salads or yoghurt or even used to crumb meat/fish/vegetables.



Ghee: Is rich in vitamin D, vitamin A and packed full of healthy fats to enrich your milk supply and also support your energy throughout the day. Bonus, ghee tastes amazing. You can cook with ghee or even add a tsp onto a bowl of porridge in the morning.You can buy ghee here. 



Oats: Another galactagogue and rich source of complex carbohydrates, which will not only promote your milk supply but provide you with the calories you need in order to maintain this supply and support your energy. Add oats into a smoothie or make a delicious bowl of porridge.


Lactation Boost: Our very own breastfeeding friendly protein powder based on collagen and hemp that is jammed packed full of nutrients needed to support the nutrition and vitality of the breastfeeding mother, while promoting her milk supply! Its got everything from protein, calcium, iodine, iron, b vitamins and magnesium PLUS the milk boosting goodness of brewers yeast, blessed thistle and fenugreek. Yes please! 


 By: Meagan McWhirter, Clinical Nutritionist. Book a breastfeeding support session HERE

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