7 Best Nutrients to reduce cortisol

7 Best Nutrients to reduce cortisol

High cortisol is so common among mothers, it leads to high levels of stress, fatigue, exhaustion and eventually the dreaded burnout. As a mother, you are constantly on 24/7. This can be incredibly draining, particularly if you are not replenishing your body. Living of caffeine and snacks with little nutrient value during the day, is NOT going to sustain you in the long run. 

Ensuring you eat a whole food diet, rich in nutrients that specifically work to support your nervous system and reduce cortisol is key to supporting the load of motherhood. By including foods that have these key nutrients in it, will ensure you are providing your body with building blocks it needs to nourish, replenish and support you. 


Here are the BEST NUTRIENTS that can reduce your cortisol level: 

Vitamin C:

Capsicum, strawberry, berries, pomegranate, orange, leafy greens, rosehip tea, camu camu powder, Mothers Boost (contains 80mg)


pork, turkey, beef liver, wheatgerm, oats, banana, Mothers Boost 


Oysters, beef liver, red meats, eggs, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, hemp seeds, Mothers Boost (contains 11mg)


Sardines,  salmon, avocado, eggs, hemp seeds, walnuts


Dark leafy greens, dark chocolate, oats, nut butters, Mothers Boost (contains 270mg)


red meat, eggs, quality dairy, shellfish


Matcha, green tea, white tea, black tea, Mothers Boost

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