Postpartum recovery essentials- Vaginal birth

Postpartum recovery essentials- Vaginal birth

Recovering from birth takes time, this is why a slow and gentle postpartum period is essential. Birth is physically enduring and it takes time to recover, hence why we will continue to stress the importance of resting for at least 40 days after giving birth! During a vaginal birth some mothers experience no tearing at all, others will require an episiotomy or experience 4th degree tears. Afterwards, your vagina will be sore- there is really no polite way of saying this.

You'll also experience a vaginal discharge called lochia making you bleed for up to 6 weeks after giving birth, like a period. This occurs as the placenta removes itself from your uterus (after birth), leaving a wound with open blood vessels, which requires time to heal. Furthermore, combine this with after birth contractions, which helps your uterus shrink back to pre-pregnancy size- unfortunately these can be painful. 

Fear not- for we have compiled a list of recovery essentials after a vaginal birth that are MUST have! 

1. Peri Bottle:

This are a LIFE SAVER! You can fill your peri bottle with cool (not cold) filtered water and use it when you are going to the toilet. Basically, you gently spray the water from the peri bottle over your vagina & perineum while peeing. It helps to reduce the stinging & burning sensation- particularly if you tore or had any grazing. 

2. Maternity Pads:

Like we mentioned before, you'll be bleeding for around 6 weeks. Maternity pads a super big allowing for absorption of excess blood. You don't want to be sticking anything (like tampons or a menstrual cup) inside of you really until this bleeding has reduced & you have had the all clear from your doctor. 

3. Postpartum Sitz Bath: 

Ahh this provides wonderful, soothing & healing relief to your vagina and perineum. It's a great way to introduce healing herbs to your vagina to promote repair and reduce risk of infection.  

4. Perineum Ice Strip: 

Honestly, game changer. You pop this strip in the freezer and once frozen, place in your underwear or over your maternity pad. It provides the most cooling, numbing most amazing relief after a vaginal birth. 

5. Mothers Boost

Our very own protein powder enriched with vitamins, minerals and herbs to promote your overall vitality and wellbeing during the postpartum period. The Mothers Boost Postnatal protein contains a blend of collagen and hemp protein which will help support your muscle and tissue recovery after birth, while the added vitamin C and zinc is essential to support your immune system and skin health post birth. The blend of herbs like ashwagandha, lemon balm, matcha and siberian ginseng are wonderful at reducing stress and lowering any nervous tension and anxiety that may be present in the postpartum period. 

6. Bekung Belly Wrap: 

These belly wraps are traditionally used in many cultures to support the womb, abdomen & lower back after birth. They provide comfort and a feeling of security to the new mama while all her organs shift back into place & provide vital support to her core. These belly wraps can also help to reduce pain from after-birth contractions, relieve lower back pain, stabilise loose ligaments & support your abdominal muscles. 

7. Healing Oil 

Oils are beautifully rich in omega-3's, anti-inflammatory properties and are incredibly soothing. You can simply massage your choice of healing oil onto the outside of your vagina and around your perineum or you can drop the oil onto your maternity pad. 

8. REST 

We can't stress this enough- rest is super vital during your initial postpartum period. Rest doesn't always mean sleep either, it's about taking it easy, step by step and not pushing your body to the limits. You don't need to be out and about doing food shopping and trying to go for big long walks. It's ok (and recommended) to become a little bit of a homebody. Lying down in a comfortable position, in a pair of nice warm socks and some comfy, loose fitting pants sounds like the ideal postpartum period. Rest will make this time a lot easier, if you can sleep GREAT! but if you are struggling to sleep while the baby sleeps, thats ok too. Delegate tasks like washing & vacuuming to your friends or family, get your food shopping delivered- or even better get your friends and family to bring you warm, home cooked meals! 

9. Pre-natal 

Please, please, please mama keep taking your prenatal! The postpartum period demands a lot of your body and you are recovering from birth. Particularly if you lost a lot of blood, it may even been worth supplementing with additional iron supplement to help support your energy and levels. You need to be taking your pre-natal for at least 1 year postpartum to help top up your much needed nutrient levels 

10. Bone Broth 

Bone broth is nourishing broth made typically from either chicken or beef bones. It is rich in protein, collagen, gelatine, iron, zinc and other essential trace minerals. Protein, alongside collagen & gelatine are key nutrients when it comes to repair- this is essential if you tore or had an episiotomy. These nutrients help to promote healing, skin elasticity and reducing scaring. The iron and zinc content in bone broth will also promote vaginal healing, but also support your immune system and overall gut health. You can either make bone broth your self or you can buy pre-packaged versions. Some of our favourite brands include Nourishing Whole foods, Gevity & Best of the Bone. 



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