Libido Boosting Foods

Libido Boosting Foods

Diet quality is key to regulating factors that contribute to a lower libido. When your diet is lacking whole foods to support healthy functioning of your body, you will start to find that symptoms like a low libido will arise.

Now, there are definitely a range of factors that influence a low libido, particularly after birth- so make sure to read this article all about why your libido may have disappeared. However, diet will largely influence how your body copes with these factors- Are you stressed? Are you tried? Are you hormonal? Are you anxious? 


Food contains vital nutrients that support your hormones, metabolism and reduce stress. When your hormones, metabolism and stress levels are all at a balanced level, it can make it a lot easier for your libido to bounce back with a strong, healthy pulse!You want to be including foods that will help to balance hormones, create a strong metabolism and reduce stress.


Here is our top food list for boosting your libido:

Hormone Support

Steamed broccoli/kale/brussel sprouts, pepitas, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, flaxseeds, hemp seeds, seaweeds (dulse, wakame, kelp, nori), Maca powder (-  included in our Postnatal Protein powder, Mothers Boost) avocado, quality red meat products, Oysters and Eggs

Metabolism Support

Quality red meat products, Oysters, Organic Eggs, Grass-fed butter/ghee, Raw Honey, Fresh seasonal fruit, green tea, Root vegetables (carrots, beetroot, pumpkin, sweet potato), bone broth, avocado

Stress Support

Fatty fish (sardines, salmon), turkey, chicken, dark chocolate, green tea, walnuts, hemp seeds, steamed dark leafy greens, avocado


These are all foods you want to try to include regularly into your diet. Remember, your diet is the foundation for your overall health and wellbeing. Even making the smallest changes like beginning to cook with ghee and sprinkling seeds over your vegetables or oats in the morning can make the world of difference. 

It's also important to note, that diet alone will not solely boost your libido. There can be such a varied range of individual factors from emotional, psychological connection with your partner to hormone imbalance and thyroid dysfunction. It's important to reach out to a practitioner so they are able to support you through a more holistic lens. 


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