Let's talk about Sleep Hygiene

Let's talk about Sleep Hygiene

Are you struggling to fall asleep? stay asleep? Is being up late at night the only alone time you get from your kids? Is it the only time you get some peace and quite, some well deserved you time? 

For most mums, one of the most relaxing times of the day can be after the kids go to bed. Unfortunately, some of things us mama's like to indulge in can be counter productive to a good nights sleep, making us feel even more exhausted in the morning. 

Having good sleep hygiene can not only promote a deeper, more restful sleep, it also helps to reduce stress, support immune function, allow rejuvenation of our brain and allow us to have more energy to face the challenges of motherhood the next day! 

Here are our top tips to promote good sleep hygiene 


Your bedroom should be a sanctuary, it should be for sleeping, resting, relaxing and intimacy. The bedroom is not a place for you to be bringing in TV, paying bills, finishing work or eating. Your brain needs a place that it can recognise as one to fall asleep, relax and be at peace in. By removing these after factors out of your bedroom into a study, living room or media room it can help to strengthen your brains connection with your sleep time. 


Try as much as possible to go to sleep and wake up at the same time everyday. This may not always be possible & thats ok, life happens- little one's get sick, you stay up late watching netflix or you have night out. However, as much as possible try to stick with a routine. This will allow your hormones, like melatonin, cortisol and serotonin to regulate themselves and help you unwind and relax for the night. If you want your bed time to be 10pm, stick to that- don't be jumping around from 8pm to 1am in the morning- netflix isn't going anywhere!!


This is more so for the mama's out of their initial postpartum period (in which case we say- nap as much as you can!!!). However for all you other mama's, napping during the day can disrupt your natural body clock, making it harder to fall asleep. Plus, if you get rudely awoken in the middle of one of your deep sleep cycles during your nap- you'll end up feeling even more tired! Try going for a walk in the sunshine or sipping on a warm matcha instead to get that little energy boost. 


You want to try and wind down and relax about 1-2 hours prior to bed. Incorporate things during this time to promote relaxation like a hot shower, cup of hot chocolate spiked with reishi or a chamomile tea, magnesium foot bath, deep breathing, listening to a mindfulness app or just reading a book. Do any activity that helps you unwind and relax. When you are in a calm state of mind, you'll fall asleep & stay asleep! 


Like we mentioned before, the bedroom should be your sanctuary. Create a space that relaxes you and makes you feel happy. Add a salt lamp, some indoor plants, amethyst crystal, diffuser with a sleepy time essential oil blend. You also want to make sure the bedroom is the right temperature for you, you have enough blankets and you have a comfortable pillow. Make sure you bedroom has everything in it to make it peaceful & comfortable. 

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