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The Headspace Guide to a Mindful Pregnancy

The Headspace Guide to a Mindful Pregnancy

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This book provides insight on how to achieve a mindful pregnancy through the eyes of a previous Buddhist monk. It is a wonderful and insightful guide into fertility, pregnancy, birth and early parent hood.

A beautiful book that provides information, tools and a unique view from the father. This book offers practical and reassuring guidance to help you calmly navigate the anxieties and demands of this epic adventure.

Author: Andy Puddicombe

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For the mama-to-be.

Ah, the magical journey of growing a tiny human! Pregnancy is one part anticipation, one part excitement, and about 4 parts cravings. Being pregnant can be a rollercoaster - swollen feet, backaches, and those delightful mood swings - so a little extra pampering goes a long way. Trust me, a contented and relaxed mum equals a happy and healthy bub. We want to adorn their path with compassion, smiles, and an extra dollop of ice cream because they are creating life and flaunting that beautiful baby bump!

Let's hear it for our super mamas.