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The Bald Cat Intimate Oil

The Bald Cat Intimate Oil

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Made with pregnancy safe, all natural ingredients. The Bald Cat Intimate Oil provides soothing and healing after birth. Oils such as calendula and aloe vera have potent healing properties and are incredibly gentle for the new mother. You can apply this directly to your perineum area or onto your maternity pad.

The Bald Cat Intimate Oil can also be used as an after sex treatment, to soothe and heal the intimate area. Particularly after birth, becoming intimate again with your partner can be difficult to navigate and you may experience some initial soreness. This oil can help provide soothing relief to ensure you and your partner can continue on your intimate journey.

Other amazing benefits & applications:
• After sex to sooth irritation and sore areas.
• Intimate self massage.
• May help maintain a healthy PH balance.
• After shaving to help with shaving rashes and ingrown hairs.
• After birth to help with deep healing.
• Helps reduce the appearance of stretch marks on the • belly and breasts.
• After other hair removal such as waxing & laser hair removal.

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For postpartum mamas.

After the incredible journey of childbirth, new mums enter a whole new chapter: the postpartum period. It's a time filled with so much joy, but also exhaustion. It's a self-taught crash course in the art of multitasking while running on next to no sleep. Maternal Essentials is your postpartum partner, providing the best products to support and pamper you exactly as you deserve.

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