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Why You Should Plan your Fourth Trimester WHILE you're pregnant

Most women do a fabulous job of preparing for their baby’s birth.

They enrol in a Birth Preparation course of some sort (and there’s heaps to choose from). They learn what to expect during their labour and birth, the different stages of labour and what to expect in each stage. What common problems can arise and how to prevent them or manage them if they do occur. What pain relief options are available, what support people they want with them during the birth and how they want to be supported by them.

Most will even go so far as to formalise their birth preparation into a Birth Plan or Birth Preference written list.


This is extremely beneficial for the expectant mother for many, many reasons. Firstly it helps her to delve deeply into herself, asking herself what her hopes and dreams are for her birth. What her needs are and how others can help her achieve her goal. It also enables her partner and other caregivers to remind her of her choices when she is in the discomfit of a progressing labour. Everyone is able to work towards the common goal she has because everyone knows what mum’s wishes are. It’s all been thought about beforehand and written down in a plan.

However, birth is not the end of the story.

It’s just the start of a much longer journey into a lifelong postnatal phase called motherhood, or matrescence, which comes with its own challenges and joys. Those first few weeks often pass in a blur of exhaustion, overwhelm, physical discomfit, and anxiety if you don’t know what to expect or who your supports are.

That’s why it’s so important to have a postnatal plan before you give birth. Having someone tell you during pregnancy what to expect after the baby is born is invaluable. If you know what to expect, then you can plan for it and move through it in peace knowing what’s normal. Similarly you’ll be able to recognise if something is not normal, and know who you can ask for help. You often aren’t in the headspace to do it once the baby is earthside.

A POSTNATAL PLAN deserves the same careful thought, investment, and input from a professional so you can have a postnatal experience with the least amount of anxiety and overwhelm possible. And instead, have a postnatal experience filled with calm contentment, peace and fulfilling joy as you get to know, bond, feed and love this new little human you’ve created.

Image credit: Life After Birth

This is the part of your journey where I thrive. After helping countless women over the last 30 years as a midwife (with a special focus on the postnatal period), this puts me in a unique position to be able to help you plan your postnatal BEFORE the birth occurs.

Written by Colleen, midwife & newborn educator

You can book an online postnatal planning & newborn preparation session with Colleen to help support you and your partners transition into parenthood & ensure you a fully equipped with the tools to enter motherhood. She offers different session lengths so you can choose which one is more suited to you. These planning sessions are a definite non-negotiable for the new mama to be! 

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