Mini Berry Pavlovas

Mini Berry Pavlovas

Who doesn't love a good pavlova? It is a 100% family favourite and crowd pleaser here at Maternal Essentials. So we decided to put a little spin on the traditional pavaloa and make them just for mum! 

These mini berry pavlovas have the added goodness of lactation boost so you can enjoy a little sweet treat while knowing you are getting all the milk goodness from our Lactation Boost protein powder. 

*Note- if you are dairy free you can swap the cream to coconut yoghurt (we promise its still just as tasty!)

4x mini pavlova shells
4 tbsp of thickened cream, whipped until stiff peaks form 
3 tbsp of lactation boost 
1/2 cup mixed fresh berries
Small handful of fresh mint leaves 
1 tbsp flakes almonds
1. Combine the thickened cream and lactation boost together in a bowl until well mixed
2. Spoon lactation boost cream mixture on top of pavlova shells
3. Top with fresh berries, mint leaves and flaked almonds
4. Enjoy!!



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