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The Wholesome Birth Keeper - Birth Comb

The Wholesome Birth Keeper - Birth Comb

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This birth combs presses on acupressure points which sends a message to your brain, relieving pain and distracting you from whatever may be causing you discomfort, pain or anxiety during birth.

This is a wonderful tool to use for either vaginal or c-section births to help you focus on bringing your baby into world.

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For your birthing journey.

Giving birth is the most awe-inspiring spectacle you can imagine. A brave and fierce mama-to-be, bringing new life into this world. While it's beautiful and exciting, it can be scary and painful. That's where we come in. Even superheroes need sidekicks, right? We want to create a safe space where they can embrace their vulnerability and unlock their strength their strength, getting new mums prepared and making the experience of childbirth just a little bit more comfortable and, dare we say it, luxurious.

Let's hear it for our super mamas.