Postpartum Planning

Details of this consult:

A 60 min session providing you with education and empowerment as you plan for your postpartum period. Understanding the changes that happen to us, both physically and mentally during birth and in the postpartum period is extremely critical to ensure optimal recovery, support our mental health and reduce risk of long term postnatal depletion. This session will answer your questions and provide you with easy and maintainable advice so you can best prepare your body and mind for the arrival of your little one.

Areas covered in this session include include:
• What to expect in the postpartum period
• Optimising your nutrition for the postpartum period
• Common nutrient deficiencies and how to address them during postpartum
• Recovery after birth
• Hormone changes and how to support them
• Postpartum thyroid health
• Postpartum depression and anxiety
• Preventing postpartum hair loss
• Navigating fatigue and sleep deprivation in the postpartum period
• General breastfeeding education
• And more

Consult inclusions:

• 60 min zoom call discussing your postpartum period, concerns, medical/lifestyle history, diet & anything else you wish to talk about!
• In-depth review of relevant pathology
• Tailored holistic nutrition plan
• Script for practitioner grade supplements
• Referrals for required pathology
• Referrals to other practitioners or support services to assist you during the postpartum period