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Private Midwifery provides supportive, evidence-based and empowering care to the mother. Having midwife led care through your pregnancy can help you navigate your journey more smoothly and make you feel more empowered in your pregnancy, birth & feeding options. 

Kate is our Private Midwife and owner of Wildflower Midwifery Support. She is a passionate advocate for antenatal and postnatal education and support with a focus on providing woman-centred, evidence-based care. She provides a safe, inclusive and empowering space to plan and prepare for the birth of your baby and your transition to parenthood. 

    Private consultations include: 

    Initial Antenatal Consultation

    An in depth & holistic consultation with private midwife Kate.This is perfect for the mama during any trimesters of her pregnancy.


    • Reviewing yours & your partners medical history 
    • Discussion of previous pregnancies, complications or struggles 
    • Ultrasound reviews & education of results 
    • Pathology reviews & education of results 
    • Understanding & providing education about different tests required during pregnancy 
    • Discussion of informed consent and how it works through pregnancy, birth & with your new baby
    • Supporting your mental health through pregnancy (including navigating your feelings, stressors, partners thoughts etc..)
    • What to pack in your hospital bag 
    • How you can support one another and your expectations after birth
    • & more..

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    Return Antenatal Consultation

    This appointment is ideal for the mama throughout the remainder of pregnancy (providing continuity of care). Kate will continue to provide support for you and prepare you for your birth & postnatal period. To book this consult you must have already seen Kate for an initial consultation.

    Follow up Postnatal Consultation

    To book this consult you must have already seen Kate for an initial consultation.


    • Debrief about your birth & how you are navigating your postnatal period 
    • Talk about your expectations vs. reality of life at home with your baby
    • How your recovery is going after birth 
    • How you are feeling & how your mental health is after birth
    • Babies feeding (breast, bottle, breastmilk, expressing, formula, mixed feeding)
    • & more..