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Reiki is a form of energy healing founded in Japan that translates to "Universal" & "Life Force". Reiki aims to rebalance ones life force to support healing, energy & maintain health. Reiki is deeply relaxing and can may bring about positive changes in ones mindset to promote healing. 

Mel is our Reiki Master and comes with great experience and knowledge. As a mother, she knows the stress that motherhood comes with and the importance of supporting and balancing your own energy. During the midst of pandemic, Mel began to offer distance reiki to continue to provide that much needed support in the community. She also understands that some mums don't have the luxury or the time to be able to leave their house for a healing session, which is why the distance reiki is such a valuable and supportive offering. 

    Private consultations include: 

    Distance Reiki Healing 

    A powerful reiki healing session to rebalance, rejuvenate and create clarity for you in your motherhood journey. 

    How a Distance Reiki Healing is conducted: 

    There are 3 parts to a distance healing: 

    1. Pre-healing phone call 

    2. Healing Session 

    3. Post-healing debrief phone call 

    Preparing for your healing:

    A Distance Reiki session is conducted from the comfort of your own home. No need to dress up, however a few minutes spent preparing the space will help to promote a relaxing environment for you to de-stress.

    Decide on a quiet space where you can sit in a comfortable chair or even lay down and relax. You can place some of your favourite crystals near you, place a vase of fresh flowers or diffuse one of your favourite oils. I will phone at the start of our session time to connect with you and clarify what you would like me to focus on during the session.

    How it works:

    Mel will make a connection to you using an image of you in her mind by using a photograph that you provide as part of the booking process. As you lay or sit down to relax, Mel will be conducting the healing. You will connect again with Mel on the phone after the 20 mins to discuss the healing session.

    Mel suggests that you put your phone on silent as sometimes during these sessions clients relax to the point of falling asleep. If this occurs, it's best to stay asleep and get that much needed rest. Therefore, if you don’t answer when Mel calls back for your post-healing debrief, she will send a brief email instead outlining any information she would like to share with you about the session.