Your FREE Nutrition in Pregnancy Guide!

Your FREE Nutrition in Pregnancy Guide!

So your pregnant?- Congrats mama! Welcome to the most amazing, challenging, rewarding journey that is motherhood. 

You have probably started to google a thousand things, asked a thousand questions and come across ALOT of conflicting information. Fear not mama, here at Maternal Essentials we have your best interests at heart and provide up to date, accurate & evidence based education to make you feel empowered in your motherhod journey. 

So, let's start with a big one thats always talked about during pregnancy- NUTRITION! Food plays a key role in ensuring your body is receiving optimal nutrition to support both you and your growing bub. Food provides the foundation of a heathy lifestyle and can ensure you have a healthy & thriving pregnancy.

Our very own founder & clinical nutritionist Meagan has put together this free downloadable nutrition in pregnancy guide for you! 

It covers: 

-Essential nutrients to focus on

-How much of each nutrient you need

-What foods to eat to get these nutrients

-Food safety in pregnancy

-Pregnancy friendly meal ideas 

Download your FREE Nutrition Guide in Pregnancy HERE

By: Meagan McWhirter, Clinical Nutritionist. If you wanting extra support to guide your nutrition during pregnancy, you can book a consultation with Meagan HERE

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