Iodine & Breastfeeding

Iodine & Breastfeeding

Iodine is key element to support overall health and wellbeing. It supports proper development and function of the thyroid gland, needed for normal growth in children and is critical in the development of the brain from preconception right through to childhood.


Studies have actually shown that babies of breastfeeding mothers, who's diets are rich in iodine have improved concentration, memory, processing skills and even a higher IQ. How amazing is that!

Most prenatal/breastfeeding vitamins will contain iodine- remember its super important to continue taking a prenatal while breastfeeding! This ensures that all the nutrients and minerals critical to support you and baby, like iodine are at optimal levels. The current recommended dietary intake for iodine during lactation is 270 µg daily.

We stock the Herbs of Gold Iodine Max & the Naturobest breastfeeding vitamins which contain optimal levels of iodine. 

However, if you don't want to take a supplement, here are some great iodine sources & their amount of iodine per serve:

10g dried seaweed (like Nori, dulse, wakame or kelp)- 232 mcg

85g smoked oysters- 93 mcg

85g prawns- 13 mcg

85g sardines- 30 mcg

1 cup whole milk- 85 mcg

1 cup natural yoghurt- 87 mcg

By: Meagan McWhirter, Clinical Nutritionist. If you want extra support when it comes to nutrition, diet & breastfeeding you can book in a consult with Meagan HERE
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