C-Section Recovery Essentials

C-Section Recovery Essentials

Healing from birth takes time, both physically & emotionally. For mothers who had a c-section birth, recovery is typically harder and rest is essential to ensure proper wound healing of the incision. Typically, it takes around 6 weeks to heal from a c-section, however this can vary greatly. A C-Section is a major surgery, and just like any other surgery you need time to heal, you'll most likely be in hospital for 3-5 days until your OBGYN gives you the all clear to go home.

On top of the physical recovery, you will also be experiencing the wide range of postpartum hormones, your milk coming in, sleep deprivation and navigating your new role as mama. If you had an emergency c-section, you may also be navigating some birth trauma, particularly if your birth did not go to plan. It is important to reach out to your midwife, or a postnatal mental health expert so they are able to help you navigate this.

After a c-section, you will still experience similar postpartum changes to mothers who birthed vaginally. You'll have vaginal bleeding for about 6 weeks. This bleeding will initially start like a heavy period and then slowly reduce over the 6 weeks. You'll also still experience some after birth cramping, which is the body shrinking the uterus back to pre-pregnancy size. What is even more essential is that you are looking after your incision to ensure proper healing and reduce risk of infection. 

Here is our list of MUST HAVE C-Section Recovery Essentials: 

1. Maternity pads

These are a non-negotiable! Not only can they be used in your underwear to to soak up vaginal bleeding, you can also use them against your c-section scar to provide a soft layer to reduce friction and pain. Make sure to always use a clean maternity pad and change it as regularly as you are cleaning your incision. You can gently lay the maternity pad along your incision and stick it to your underwear.

2. High wasted underwear

And we mean HIGH wasted underwear. You want to have underwear (think granny panties) that come over your incision. Not only will this provide more support for your abdomen, but it won't rub or cause friction against your incision. 

3. Pain relief

The hospital will most likely discharge you with pain relief to reduce pain after surgery. It is important to take this aft the correct dosage, to help support recovery. This pain relief may also help to reduce the severity of the after birth cramps. 

4. Wheatbag

Are fantastic at providing gently pain relief to your incision and uterus. You want to gently warm the wheat bag and place this over your tummy (always in a tea towel) to gently the warm are if you are in pain. You can also use this on your back or shoulders to relieve any tension or pain there. 

5. Peri Bottle

This is a multi purpose, wonderfull must have item! As you need to be careful with your movements due to your incision while it's healing, it can be tricky to wipe after you go to the toilet. The peri bottle is a great to gently cleanse and wash after going to the toilet without having to bend or stretch. You can also fill with peri bottle with water to help wash your incision.

6. Bekung Belly Bind

This is a traditional belly wrap that can support your uterus, abdomen and lower back after birth. You want to wait till your incision has healed before starting to belly wrap, however if though you will need wait- you'll still get all the benefits that bekung belly binding has to offer. We stock the beautiful Ibu Ayurveda Bekung Belly Binds 

7. Stool softeners

An absolute must have!! It can be tricky to have regular bowel movements after birth, particularly as the pain killers will often cause constipation. It's important to have some stool softeners on hand to make going to the toilet a-lot easier, and reduce the need for straining and placing pressure on the incision. You can also drink prune or pear juice, eat prunes daily and ensure you are getting optimal fruit, vegetables and whole grains in your diet to further support regular bowel movements. 

8. Mothers Boost 

Our very own protein powder enriched with vitamins, minerals and herbs to promote your overall vitality and wellbeing during the postpartum period. Mothers Boost features a blend of collagen and hemp protein which will help support your muscle and tissue recovery after a c-section, while the adding vitamin C and zinc is essential to support your immune system and skin health post birth. The blend of herbs like ashwagandha, lemon balm, matcha and siberian ginseng are wonderful at reducing stress and lowering any nervous tension and anxiety that may be present in the postpartum period. Mothers Boost will ensure you are getting all the right nutrients to help support your recovery, energy, hormones and mood. 

9. Probiotic

You may have also been given antibiotics during your c-section so it is important to replenish your good gut bacteria. A healthy, balanced gut bacteria supports mood, energy, digestion, regular bowel movements and healthy bacteria can be transferred through breastmilk to support your little one. 


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