Mango & Lychee Smoothie Bowl

Mango & Lychee Smoothie Bowl

Did you know that vitamin C is SUPER important to helping supporting your adrenal glands and overall nervous system health?

Yep that’s right, vitamin C isn’t just for the immune system! Our adrenal glands LOVE vitamin C. The adrenal glands help to regulate cortisol in the body and need vitamin C to help them do this.

So.. what happens when we get stressed? (Particularly long term stress and states of postnatal depletion) Well, our body uses bulk vitamin C, alongside other nutrients like B vitamins, magnesium and amino acids to try and regulate our nervous system. If you aren’t replenishing these stores, then it can be really tricky for your body to cope in stressful periods or depleted states.

It’s absolutely critical that if you are feeling depleted, stressed out and overwhelmed that you include vitamin C rich foods, like fresh fruit, vegetables or Mothers Boost in your diet daily! This smoothie bowl is a great way to get a yummy dose of vitamin C from fruit and the 80mg of vitamin C that is in Mothers Boost 

 1 cup frozen mango,
1/2 cup frozen lychees,
1 cup coconut yoghurt 
3 tbsp Mothers Boost 
1/2 cup coconut water
1. Put all ingredients into a blender 
2. Blend until thick and creamy
3. Pop into a bowl and top with your favourite toppings like fresh mango, granola, coconut chips, pomegranate, nuts & seeds
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