Holistic Support for Endometriosis

Holistic Support for Endometriosis

Endometriosis affects 1 in 9 women.

Endometriosis is not only extremely painful physically, but it also causes a huge emotional toll, impacting quality of life from relationships, work, hobbies, family, school and more...

There is so much we still don't know about endometriosis, however we do know things that need to be changed to support women in the health care system. This includes better support systems, better investigative options, more holistic support and more funding for research.

Did you know it can take nearly 7 years for someone to be diagnosed with endometriosis? 

7 years!! THAT IS NOT OK. Period pain is NOT NORMAL (say it louder for the people in the back) and should not be dismissed under any circumstance.

Whats even worse, that some doctors will even tell their patients to just "get pregnant" because it will make the pain go away. Well, we have news for you doc.. It doesn't quite work like that!!! Not only can endometriosis impact the ability to get pregnant, symptoms can still get worse even after having a baby.

Symptom of endometriosis include: 

  • painful periods (that is extremely debilitating)
  • extreme cramping during periods
  • pain around ovulation 
  • heavy bleeding or irregular bleeding 
  • large clots during period 
  • pain during urination, passing a bowl movement or sex 
  • pelvis & lower back pain 
  • fatigue & low energy
  • migraines 
  • infertility 
  • constipation & bloating 

Endometriosis can be supported in a number of ways, unfortunately there is no cure- however there is a range of options that focus on regulating periods, reducing pain & improving quality of life. 

We've written a little guide for you to download that covers holistic principles  that can help support you mama if you have been diagnosed or think you may have endometriosis. This handout covers nutrition, lifestyle & general supplement support that may be beneficial for you. 


We also have a range of amazing practitioners that can help support you and your endometriosis like: 

Meagan, Clinical Nutritionist: BOOK HERE 

Jess, Family Nutritionist: BOOK HERE

Vanessa, Naturopath: BOOK HERE 


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