Can I drink coffee while pregnant?

Can I drink coffee while pregnant?


Fear not mama- we've got the actual evidence based advice to help inform your choice on if you can drink coffee while pregnant! 

The bottom line is- If you’re a coffee drinker, you can still enjoy a single cup of coffee. Coffee is always best drunk on a belly full of food as well, as this can help slow down the absorption of caffeine and reduce the jitters that some mamas get. 

However.. the concern with coffee and other caffeine sources is that it may increase risk of miscarriage, increase blood pressure and possible lead to low birth weight. However, the research is still unclear, and currently research suggests that up to 200mg of caffeine daily is safe to consume during pregnancy.

It is always best to talk to your health care provider about what will be best for YOU. As a rule of thumb, for mama's preparing for pregnancy, undergoing IVF or have a history of miscarriage or other birth complications- it's best to avoid caffeine. 

Here are some typical caffeine sources-

1 cup instant coffee- 60mg

1 espresso shot- 100mg

1 cup of black tea- 30mg

1 cup green tea- 30mg

1 chocolate bar- 20mg

1 cup hot chocolate- 5mg

Definite sources of caffeine you want to avoid are multiple cups of coffee daily & any sort of energy drink (looking at you red bull & monster). Energy drinks in particular contain other ingredients which are not recommended for ingestion during pregnancy. 

So if you are still wanting your cup of coffee- that's completely fine mama! Just limit it to no more than 2 cups (single espresso shot a day) and ensure you aren't overdoing it on other caffeine sources like tea & chocolate. 


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