Blood tests & your 6 week postpartum checkup

Blood tests & your 6 week postpartum checkup

It is SUPER important to get your bloods taken after giving birth (4-6 weeks ideally) so that your nutrient levels and body function can be checked. If there are any abnormalities in your results, then these can be corrected/ supported with specific supplements & dietary changes.

Common postpartum deficiencies & abnormalities include: 

  • Iron
  • Zinc 
  • B12
  • Thyroid Function  

Make sure to ask your chosen healthcare provider such as nutritionist, naturopath, midwife or GP to test for:

Full Blood Count- a good indicator of what your blood is doing! 

Iron Studies- shows how your body is utilising iron, how good your stores are and if your cells are actually able to use the iron! Iron is essential to make sure your stores are replenished after blood loss, supporting energy, recovery and reducing fatigue.

TSH, T4, T3 (thyroid panel)- the thyroid can swing many ways during pregnancy, and during postpartum it can continue to do so because of the huge hormonal changes. If your thyroid levels are out of whack this can cause anxiety, hair loss, poor sleep, hormone imbalance and sweating. For a small number of women, they can also be at risk of postpartum thyroiditis

Vitamin D- is super important for immune function & mood regulation. Mother’s with lower levels of vitamin D have been found to have an increased risk of postpartum depression and anxiety. If your levels are lower than 100, it would be a good idea to have a chat to your nutritionist about supplementing!

Zinc- is a key nutrient essential for recovery, immune function as well as mood and hormone production. Zinc deficiency can lead to anxiety, irritability and low progesterone. Also, mother’s with low levels of zinc had a higher risk of developing postpartum depression and anxiety.

B12- is critical in supporting iron absorption, nerve health, mental health and energy. If you are a plant based mama, this is VERY important to check to ensure you are not at risk of deficiency. 

It is also just as important to get your blood test results looked over by a holistic practitioner so they can supplement you accordingly and tailor your diet & lifestyle to support optimal health. 


Meagan our founder and clinical nutritionist offers 30min, online pathology review consultations. She is highly experienced in analysing pathology and understanding how to optimise this for mother hood. You can book a review with Meagan here. 


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